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Pork Possibilities

Pork Shares

Buy a "half share" of a pig and participate in the slaughtering (optional), butchering and sausage making. A typical full size pig yields about 120 pounds of meat per half, (click here for more details on yield) and sells for $1200, sausage making and smoking is extra.  As we a very small homestead, half share availability is extremely limited. Be sure to let us know you are interested, most of these shares are sold well in advance.


Or buy a "small" ($305) share and have us do all the work. Small shares include a variety of house made pork products, smoked bacon, sliced ham, sausage, demi glace, lard, pork chops and a meat cut of your choice. Roughly 25 pounds of pork.


Send an email to check on the latest availability

Weaners and Feeders 

Weaners are small pigs just weaned, while feeders have already been weaned and are ready to be raised by a loving family. These options are perfect for anyone who wants to raise their own high quality meat. Prices will vary depending on the size.


We have 2 Berkshire sows, ABA registered boss sow, "June", and purebred super- friendly-momma "Little Debbie". Between them they have 3 or 4 litters of pure bred Berkshire piglets each year.  We typically keep 6 pigs from each litter to raise for meat. The additional piglets can be purchased live as available.


Contact us right away if you want to reserve a feeder pig as the supply is always extremly limited! Price will depend on size.


Suckling, Roasters, and Luau Pigs

A variety of sizes are available of "scalded and scraped" pigs to meet your entertaining needs, from a small dinner party to a large luau.


Suckling or "lechon" pigs are young piglets still nursing or just recently weaned. Lechon is extremely tender and flavorful, with weights varying from very small to quite large, as our sows nurse at least 8 to 10 weeks. 


A "roaster" pig is weaned, probably over 60 pounds. It is still young and very tender, and can be roasted in a large oven, on a spit or barbeque.


Luau pigs can be of any size depending on your party needs. Note, we only provide the ready to cook luau pig. We can suggest caterers to provide the full luau experience. 


Tender small suckings, roasters and luau pigs  are available periodically call or email for availibility. Prices will vary greatly depending on size. Again quantities are extremely limited so contact us well in advance to make your needs known and we will do our best to accommodate.


B&B Weekend 

This is the ultimate "foodie" getaway. Buy a share of a pig and come stay for the weekend to learn all the aspects of processing the pig, from slaughtering and butchering to sausage and charcuterie making.


Meals made from our home-grown produce and meat are included. We can even arrange to ship your pork to your home. Depending on your time frame, we can also help arrange wine tasting and excursions to the beautiful Monterey Bay Area. 



You will stay in our beautiful, custom-built Victorian style country home. There is a choice of 3 bedrooms, all with premium linens and king sized beds.


This weekend can be planned according to your needs and desires, therefore the price varies greatly. A typical offering includes a half share of a pig (about 130 pounds of premium pork, fully butchered and vaccum sealed), two nights stay, and 6 meals including wine. The cost is roughly $1700 per couple. Shipping of pork is extra.


We offer this only a few times a year, so call well in advance to plan this once in a lifetime culinary adventure.

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