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Pork Shares 

Large Shares:

A typical pig will yield somewhere between 200-250 pounds of meat. A recent pig yielded the following:


  • (28) one pound and larger chops

  • (4) 5-6 pound shoulder roasts

  • (4) 4-5 pound loin roasts

  • 12 meaty ribs, 12 shoulder ribs

  • 16 pounds cubed meat (good for carnitas, stir fry, stew)

  • 60 pounds of sausages and ground pork

  • 2 jowls made into guanciale (cured, like pancetta)

  • 44 pounds bacon

  • 52 pounds ham and ham hocks

  • Many meaty soup bones

  • 4 trotters

  • Leaf fat, high quality fat for rendering into lard

  • Back fat for making lardo and sausages

  • Offal; kidney, liver (for pate), heart

  • Blood (for blood sausage)



NANO Pork Shares are a 1/20th share of a pig and consists of roughly 12-14 pounds of pork, with some choices.  A typical share could consist of the following items:

  • 3 large pork chops (1 -2 pounds each)

  • choice of a 4-5 lbs. loin or shoulder roast, OR 2 racks of ribs, OR 5-7 pounds shanks, OR 3 thick cut chops

  • 2 packages smoked sliced ham

  • 4 lbs house made sausage of your choice

  • 3 packages smoked thick cut bacon

  • lard and house-made demi-glace


What to Expect from a Pork Processing Weekend 


When their time comes they are killed by Wayne with a swift bullet. They do not know what is happening, experience no pain, and do not have any stress in the process. For those concerned with the ethical treatment of animals this is the most ideal of situations in which meat can be brought to the table. Even the animals providing the so called “humanely raised” meats found in the farmers market or health food stores are required to be transported to a USDA certified kill facility and slaughtered there. The only one in the Central Coast of California is in Los Banos. The transportation is stressful and the process not particularly humane. Only meat obtained from a farmer friend, who raises pigs (or share of a pig) for your personal consumption can be truly ethically raised and killed.


Many people who buy pig shares are excited to participate in the 3 day process. The slaughtering takes place in the early evening of the first night, and takes about 2 hours start to finish. The halves are are cut into hams, shoulders, and loins and set in the freezer to get good and chilled before the butchering, which takes place the second evening.  Butchering can take many hours depending on how it is done and how many people help. The trimming of sausage meat takes extra time and care. The meat is always custom cut according to your preference. Everything is then vacuum sealed on premises for freshness. The third day is normally reserved for sausage and charcuterie making. We have state of the art, professional equipment for cleanliness and efficiency. Sausage making can be an all day affair, depending on how many pounds and how many different types are desired. 


Our current price is $1750 per half share. A typical half will yield 130 pounds of high quality useable meat. You bring the ham and bacon to Freedom Meat Lockers for smoking. This is an extra charge, paid directly to them.


Our current price is $200 per NANO share. For a nano share, we take care of everything for you. From the butchering to bacon smoking, we do it all. You will receive 1/20th of a whole pig, a minimum of 12 pounds of frozen, vacuum-sealed, premium Berkshire pork. Pick up your share at our farmstead in Aromas. 



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